Author Talk with Ryan Bernsten

Ryan Bernsten BannerFriday July 21, 6:00p.m. on the Library lawn

About the Book:

Bernsten undertook a 23,000-mile journey through all 50 states of his home country to answer the question: Is America as divided as it seems?

Through humorous encounters, vivid storytelling, and insightful commentary, Bernsten highlights the common thread of humanity in the Americans he meets across the country as he reflects on what it means to be American. Ultimately offering a hopeful vision for the future of America, 50 States of Mind is a must-read for anyone interested in better understanding the complexities of American democracy.

About the author:

Ryan Bernsten is a graduate of Northwestern University and Oxford’s Creative Writing Master’s program. He has written for The Oxford Political Review, USA Today, The Infatuation, and The Trevor Project, where he currently serves as Senior Managing Editor. Ryan has worked on multiple US presidential campaigns and is an award-winning playwright whose plays have been performed across the US and UK. He is the host of the 50 States of Mind podcast.

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