Kids/Teen New Books

New Young Adult

The Light in Hidden Places
Heartstopper, volume 4
Heartstopper, volume 1
All Boys Aren
The Hobbit
Fire Keeper
The Curie Society
On Tyranny
Almost American Girl
Poison for Breakfast
Punching the Air
The Sea is Salt & So Am I
The Henna Wars
Hani and Ishu
Everything Wanted to know about Indians but were Afraid to Ask
Echo Mountain
Amber and Clay
The Girls I
The Hate You Give
Amelia Unabridged
The Initial Insult
The Girl from Shadow Spring
The Secret Life of Kitty Granger
The Castle School
The Boy, the Mole, the fox and the horse
The Guilded Ones
Game Changer
Super Fake Love Song
Everything Said is Untrue
We Free the Stars
A Good Girl
Good Girl, Bad Blood
The Rise of Kyoshi
The Shadow of Kyoshi
The Black Friend
Bridge of Souls
Just Our Luck
Come on In
Black Kids
They Call Us the Enemy
The Secret Commonwealth
Breaking Cat News
67 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs
The Beautiful Struggle
Concrete Rose
The Cousins
Children of Virtue and Vengeance
Chain of Gold


New Kids’ Books

Five, Six, Seven, Nate!
Better Nate Than Ever
Exploring the Science of Sounds
Time to Create
Katie the Catsitter
Cat Kid
Narwhal Peanut Butter and Jelly
Weird Sea Creaturs
I Want to Sleep Under the Stars
JoJo Makoons
Yes! No!
Down to Earth
Tristan Strong
Masters of Disguise
Tristan Strong
Fifty-Four Things Wrong with Gwendolyn Rogers
Katie the Catsitter
Confronting the Dragon
Celia Planted a Garden
Invented by Animals
Rodney was a Tortoise
We Say Hello
Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief
Guess What?
Fox at Night
Heartstopper Volume 2
Heartstopper Volume 3
Stealing Home
History Smashers Pearl Harbor
Healer of the Water Monster
My Brain is Different
What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew
Science Comics Whales
Guiness World Records 2022
History Smashers
Weird but true
Clarice the Brave
Yusuf Azeem is not a Hero
Explorer Academy
The Dragon in the Library
Baby-Sitters, Little sisters
Squidding Around
Machines That Think
Blades of Freedom
Spy School, the Graphic Novel
Menace in the mist


New Picture Books

The Black and White Factory
Swashby and the Sea
Five Little Chicks
Can I Give You A Squish
The Tale of the Whale4
Sharky McShark
Ada and the Galaxies
The Little Library
Shhh! The Baby
Room for Everyone
The Night Before Mother
Lyle,Lyle, Crocodile
Are You  Cheeseburger
Lunch Every Day
Pirate Jack Gets Dressed
Commotion in the Ocean
Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt
Together We Ride
Little Houses
A Day for Sandcastles
The Christmas Owl
Big Truck Little Island
Inky the Octopus
Piut-Pout Fish Cleans Up the Ocean
We Are Still Here
Ocean! Waves for All
47 Strings
The  Ocean Calls
Fluffy McWhiskers
Our Skin
Nom Nom Nom
Fish and Sun
Tiny Tales, a feast for friends
Sea Creatures Swim
Moons first friends
Oona and the Shark
Dart and Dive across the Reef
Dive In
Pretty Perfect Kitty Corn
Wonder Walkers
Oceans Speaks
Over and Under the Pond
How to be a Pirate
It is (Not) Perfect
Knight Owl
Mermaid & Me
Child of the Universe
Manneken Pis
Stone Soup


New-ish Kids’ Books (Slightly Older Titles)

Wild River
New from Here
Narwhal unicorn of the sea
Super Narwhal
History Smashers
Odd Gods
Princes in Black
A Walk in the Words
Animals Go Vroom
Mythical Beasts
Cardboard Kingdom Roar of the Beast
What About Worms!?
Donut Feed The Squirrels
Puberty Is Gross But Also Really Awesome
The Princess In Black and the Bathtime Battle
The Princess In Black and the Bathtime Battle
Micro Life Miracles of the Miniture Revealed
Amari and the Night Brothers
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Big Shot
Emma Every Day
Crazy Horse and Custer
Daughter of the Deep
Social Justice Parenting
How We Got to the Moon
Wait, Rest, Pause
See The Cat
See the Dog
Monster Friends
The Genius Under the Table
The Beatryce Prophecy
Tiny Tales  Shell Quest
Rez Dogs
Spy School at Sea
Fast Pitch
History Smashers,The American Revolution


New-ish Picture Books (Slightly Older Titles)

The Runaway Pea
Soul Food Sunday
The Froggies Do Not Want to Sleep
Dinosaur Train
Snakes in Space
Friendship Goals
Hop Aboard Baby
Hear My Voice
What To Do With A Box
The Life of a Little Cardboard Box
A House
Twenty-one Steps
Inside Animals
Button Book
Over and Under the Snow
How to Catch a Snowman
How to Apologize
Playing at the Border
Eyes that Kiss in the Corners
Sato The Rabbit The Moon
The First Blade of Sweetgrass
Construction Site: Road Crew, Coming Through!
Animal Architects
Mel Fell
Our Table
The Tree That
Little Blue Trucks Valentine
Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise
Time for Bed, Old House
Chez Bob
Interrupting Chicken Cookies for Breakfast
Keeping the City Going
Amos McGee Missesd the Bus
The 1619 Project Born on the Water
Return of the Underwear Dragon
The Stars Just up the street
Backyard Bugs
How to Catch a Leprechaun
I Love You More Than ...
The Blue House
Shy Willow
Tomatoes for Neela
How to Catch a Dinosaur
Magnificent Homespun Brown
Be Your Own Best Friend Forever
Be Quiet
Cat Problems
The Crayon
On the Farm
Mel Fell
Our Table
The Tree That