BHML is Curbside/Window Service Only.
Call 207-633-3112 when you arrive or go directly to the window by the book drop.

Kids/Teen New Books

New Young Adult
Just Our Luck
Come on In
Black Kids
They Call Us the Enemy
The Secret Commonwealth
Breaking Cat News
67 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs
The Beautiful Struggle
Concrete Rose
The Cousins
Children of Virtue and Vengeance
Chain of Gold
Nowhere on Earth
One of Us is Lying
One of Us is Next
Midnight Sun
The Gifted, the Talented and Me
Hawk (Patterson)
The Voting Booth
New Kids’ Books
A Voice of Her Own
Washington at Valley Forge
The Girl
Who Was Winston Churchill
Who Was Christopher Columbus
Who Was Andre Jackson
Who Was Leif Erikson
Who Was Alexander Hamilton
Who Was Claude Monet
Who Was Clara Barton
Who Were the Tuskegee Airmen
Who Was Coretta Scott King
The Slave Who Went to Congress
The Golden Compass (the Graphic Novel)
Bad Kitty for President
Chinese New Year
What Kids Did
Other Words for Home
Juana and Lucas Big Problems
The Mosquito
Black Heroes of the Wild West
The Broken Code Warriors
Ready, Freddy Homework Hassles
They Threw Us Away
Awesome Friendly Adventures
The One and Only Bob
Zora and Me
The Talk
Finish the Fight
Never Caught
New Picture Books
Seashells More Than a Home
My Friend
A Likkle Miss Lou
Superheroes are Everywhere
Kamala Harris Rooted in Justice
Emily Writes
The Seasons of Arnold
Grace Goes to Washington
Dragon wsa Terrible
The Tale of the Tiger Slippers
Hammering for Freedom
Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away
Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep
The Name Jar
Fix That Clock
Rita and Ralph
When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree
LLama Llama Loose Tooth Drama
When Mama Braids My Hair
I Promise
A Girl Like Me
Antiracist Baby
Fry Bread
These Hands
When the Babies Came to Stay
A New Green Day
My Papi Has a Motorcycle
Seagulls Soar
Born to Ride
Snail Crossing
Coming on Home Soon
Smashy Town
The Roots of Rap
Let it Shine
A Place to Land
Sometimes People March
Something Happened in Our Town