Used Book Store

Book Store Contacts

207-633-3112 and ask to be
transferred to the Book Store!

Book Store Volunteer Coordinator
Sam Stevens 207-350-6772

Used Book Store

Porch Books

Fall 2022 Hours: Closed for the season

Friday & Saturday 10:30 – 4:30

Sunday: 1-4 Pm

Closed for the Season after Thanksgiving!

Donations welcome April—October during open hours.

Please drop off book donations inside the bookstore during open hours. We are no longer able to accept donations outside of store hours—no matter the size. Thank you for your understanding!

Donations: Call Sam BEFORE donating (see contact info below)

If you would like to make a contribution to the library in support of the Used Books Store this year, please click the DONATE button the the Memorial Page and in the comments write “Used Book Store.”

Please do not drop off donations while the Bookstore is closed; there is no one there to process them. Thank you.

The Friends of the Library Used Book Store gratefully accepts donations from April through November dropped off during open hours. Due to space limitations, the Friends have made the following changes to their policy for accepting used books. Please follow this policy when considering donations for the store.

The Friends of the Library request that donations include only:

  • Gently used books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • We ask that that all items be in salable condition; before donating an item ask yourself, “Would I buy this item?”

The Book Store cannot store, display or sell old textbooks, dictionaries or torn, soiled or musty books, all of which need to go to the dump. Pre-2005 travel guides, atlases, and textbooks are also too space consuming and no one has purchased an encyclopedia in years. With a heavy heart these must also be consigned to the dump.

If a donor in the region is unable to bring books to the Library, call 633-3112 and ask to be transferred to the bookstore — arrangements will be made to pick up gift books. Donations may be made when the store is open and after hours in the large plastic bin behind the store (near the Library parking lot).


Calling all bookworms, socialites, organization gurus, and pickup truck drivers!

The Used Bookstore is always looking for helping hands, and there are lots of ways to contribute:

  • Sorting
  • Shelving
  • Cashier
  • Dump-runs

Contact the Bookstore Volunteer Coordinators for more information, or to sign up for a shift!

Contact: Sam Stevens (manager) 207-350-6772 and Ann Kelly (President, Friends of the Library) 207-633-7228