Hoopla…What’s that all about?!

hoopla-logoInstantly borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks and more, courtesy of your library card.

Sign Up or Sign In

  • To sign up, you need a BHML library number and an email address
    • Include prefix “bbh” in front of your library number
  • Borrow 4 titles a month
  • You get:
    • TV & movies for 3 days
    • Music albums for 1 week
    • Audiobooks, comics, and e-books for 3 weeks

Hoopla is a free online media streaming service.  Watch movies and TV shows, listen to audiobooks and music, and read e-books and comic books all from your computer, phone, or tablet.  Stream from your computer, or temporarily download checkouts to iOS and Android devices.

Hoopla can be streamed to your TV using Roku. For more information about setting up Hoopla on your Roku-streaming TV, watch this tutorial.

Hoopla content is always available: no waitlists.  Find fun and educational media for kids, documentaries, popular movies, as well as niche and hard to find content.


If I return a title early, will I be able to check out another item?

The limit your library has in place is the total allowed to be borrowed in a month, not at a time. So if you decide to return a title early it will not allow another title in is place.

Are titles downloaded onto my computer?

Not on computers, titles are available for streaming using hoopladigital.com on a PC/Mac. But, borrowed titles are for streaming and a temporary download on iOS and Android devices.

How often does hoopla add new content?

Typically, hoopla adds new content weekly, but we are constantly working with content providers to add content to hoopla’s offerings.

Is what I watch or listen to on hoopla private?

Yes, your account information is private as well. Your privacy is very important to us. No one can see what titles you have borrowed. For more information, please take a look at our privacy policy on our website or mobile app.