A Vision for the Next 100. 

BHML is looking forward to its 100th anniversary in 2024. We’re dreaming of a new outfit for the occasion:

Consideration of years of feedback and use (surveys, conversations, observations) and a deep dive into decades of library meeting minutes, interviews, past construction proposals, and community concerns — functionality (quiet spaces, meeting spaces), accessibility (elevator), aesthetics (maintaining the character of the downtown) — have all been a part of the process to create a dream outfit for the library and the Used Book Store buildings to sustain and improve service to our vibrant peninsula.

BHML needs your help, ideas, and creativity to refresh, restore (and in some areas rebuild) this community space in the heart of the harbor.  Our mission is to set the stage for future generations so that they have a safe, accessible, and welcoming space in which to explore ideas, foster community, and nurture individual growth through open access to the tools to learn, dream, connect, and do.  Dream the dream with us; and if you’d like to be a part of making this dream reality, please send an email to next100@bhmlnext100.org.

Let us know how you use BHML today and how you dream of using it in the future.