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New Books

Find new Young Adult, Kids’ and Picture Books on the Kids/Teens New Books page.

New Fiction

Every Vow You Break
The Lost Village
Sealed Off
Shucked Apart
An Extravagant Death
Infinite Country
What Could Be Saved
Never Far Away
The Truants
Pickard County Atlas
City of A Thousand Gates
Shucked Apart
Dead to Her
Missing and Endangered
Prodigal Son
Beach Read
The System
Ladies of the House
Finlay Donovan is Killing It
No Heaven for Good Boys
A Fatal Lie
Shuggie Bain
Faithless in Death
The Kaiser
A Court of Silver Flames
Spoils of the Dead
My Year Abroad
The Vineyard at Painted Moon
The Four Winds
The Paris Library
The Umbrella Lady
The Echo Wife
American Delirium
The Arrest
The Bad Muslim Discount
Blood Grove
The (Other) You
The Shadow Box
The Burning Girls
Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder
Birds of a Feather

New Large Print

Meant to Be
The Affair
Double Jeopardy
The Soul of a Woman
Dark Sky
Fast Ice
Kindest Lie
The Kaiser Web
Four Winds
The power Couple
Deep in the Alaskan Woods
A Promise of Ankles
Faithless in Death
The Vineyard at Painted Moon
Walk in my Combat Boots
Cobble Hill
Magic Lessons
Till Murder Do Us Part
The Scorpian
Before she Disappeared
Someone to Watch Over Me
Chance of a Lifetime
The Dutch House
Piece of My Heart
Cajun Justice
The Order
A Question of Betrayal
1st Case
A Walk Along the Beach
Hidden In Plain Sight

New Nonfiction

Was the Cat in the Hat Black
The Book of Garden Design
The Dismissal of Miss Ruth Brown
Not Free, Not for All
The Desegregation of Public Libraries in the Jim Crow South
The Original Black Elite
The FBI Way
Soul City
Crooked Path to Abolition
home body
Let the Lord Sort Them
Secret Life of Groceries
Made in China
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Devil You Know
The Black Church
The Price you pay for College
Think Again
Human Flow
Visual Language
Rituals for Virtual Meetings
How to Avoid Climate Disaster
Beyond the basic stuff with python
Stories of Aroostook
Notes of a Native Son
Three Mothers
Leave out the Tragic Parts
This is How They Tell Me the World Ends
Four Lost Cities
Four Hundred Souls
On Pluto
Becoming a WriterKeep Sharp
Suspicious Minds
The Copyright Handbook
Escaping Emotional Abuse
Incase you get hit by a bus
Every Landlor
Stand up to the IRS
The 21st Century Black Librarian in America
The Woman who Stole Vermeer
The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening
Shakespeare Measure for Measure
On Revolution
Recovering the Sacred
Red Alert! Saving the Planet with Indigenous knowledge
Deerskins into Buckskins

New Biography

Sylvia Pankhurst
The Salt Path
The Secret of Dorothy Soames
Is This Anything?
Loved and Wanted
Speak, Okinawa
Crossing the Line
Just As I Am
Let Me Tell You What I Mean
Surviving the White Gaze
Walk in my Combat boots
Taking Aim
Dancing in the Mosque
Notes on a Silencing
The Dead are Arising
The Last Days of Lennon
My Grandfather
In the Dream House
Once a Warrior
The Yellow House
Remain in Love
Body Leaping Backward
His Very Best
Return From Siberia

New DVDs

Bridge to Terabithia
Promising Young Woman
Half Brothers
The Hunt
Big Little lies
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
The biggest Little Farm
Terminator Dark Fate
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker
The Last Full Measure
Knives out
The Lighthouse
Ai Weiwei - Never Sorry

New Cookbooks and DIY

The Venison Cookbook
A Good Bake
Kid in the Kitchen
Cooking for One
Maine Bicentennial Community Cookbook
Salt Fat Acid Heat
The Complete Plant Based Cookbook
The Beginner
The Book on Pie
Flower School
How Can It Be Gluten Free

New Graphic Novels

Come Home, Indio a memoir
The Black Panther Party
Locke and Key
The Walking Dead
Footnotes in Gaza
Paying the Land
The Photographer

New-ish Fiction (slightly older titles)

Black Buck
Savage Son
The Last Agent
Best Amer Short Stories of the Century
The Artic Fury
Before She Disappeared
Comfort & Joy
Deuces Down
Sleep Well My Lady
Devil and the Dark Water
In the Lion
Miss Janie
Cold Trail
All the Colors of Night
Last Day
Hush Hush
American Traitor
The Lies You Told
Watch Her
All the Colors of the Night
A Private Cathedral
To Sleep in the Stars
Next to the Last Stand
The Butterfly House
Nothing to See Here
You Had Me at Hola
The Boys
Black Bottom Saints
Hid From Our Eyes
The Golden Cage
The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop
Shadow of the Dragon
Battle Ground
Still Life (McDermid)
The Star and the Shamrock
The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne
In the Lions
The Orphan
The First to Lie
Bitter Pill
The Second Mother
A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor
The Sun Collective
The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree
Confessions in B-Flat

New-ish Nonfiction (slightly older titles)

The Militarization of Indian Country
Portable Frederick Douglass
A Swim in a Pond in the Rain
Long Time Coming
Crystal Clear
Happiness Becomes You
Girl Gurl Grrrl
Just Us
Democracy in One Book or Less
Earth Keeper
Money (Goldstein)
The Caiplie Caves
Calling Bullshit
Hood Feminism
The Other Slavery
Supreme Inequality
Vesper Flight
A Black Women
How to Make a Slave
X and Y (Cheng)
So You Want to Talk About Race
Black Rednecks and White Liberals
Waiting for an Echo
The Next Great Migration
Invent and Wander