Memorial Gifts

Thank you for including the library as a part of your loved one’s legacy.

Paper flowersA Memorial Gift to the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library honoring your loved one not only ensures the future of our library but also helps to sustain literacy and life-long learning opportunities in the Boothbay region.

Through the generosity of your gift, you support the library’s mission to provide all residents and visitors with access to the world of information resources and contribute to the preservation of this historic landmark of the Boothbay Region. Thank you for this gift to the community. The memory of your loved one will live on by supporting the lives and dreams of future generations.


Outright Bequest:

Give a specific amount, asset or estate percentage to the library in your will.

Residuary Bequest:

Give a percentage or all the “rest, residuary and remainder” of your estate to the library after taking care of all other gifts and taxes. As the value of your estate changes over time, so will the gift. This can simplify the probate process, ensuring the remainder of your estate is allocated according to your wishes.

Contingency Bequest:

These are gifts realized only if circumstances make it impossible to carry out a primary request. If other beneficiaries are deceased, then a contingent beneficiary receives the bequest.

Retirement Fund Gift:

Consider naming the library as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401K, company retirement or profit-sharing plan.

Insurance Beneficiary:

You can name the library as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or annuity.



Donate by mail: Send checks or money orders to Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, 4 Oak Street, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538.  Please make checks payable to Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library; include a note as to whom your gift is honoring.

Donate by phone: Call the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library at 207-633-3112 during normal operating hours and ask to speak to a librarian. We will gladly processes a credit card donation over the phone.