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Maine Roadshow with Tim O’Brien

August 9, 2024 | 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

Join travel writer Tim O’Brien as he walks us through Maine road trip destinations that are off the beaten path! He’ll have a great collection of photos to share in this presentation that shows off some of Maine’s best (and strangest) road trip treasures.

About the book

“The Maine Roadshow: A Roadside Tour of the State’s History, Culture, Food, Funk & Oddities” is lavishly illustrated with nearly 450 photos, all taken by the author, during a five-year, thousands-of-mile journey exploring and documenting all corners of the state.

In this colorful exhibition, award-winning photojournalist Tim O’Brien ventured far off the beaten path to explore the lesser known aspects of the state’s historic and significant attractions, while keeping an eye out for interesting and often hidden roadside oddities and attractions. The results provide the reader a robust understanding of the diversity of what “Vacationland” has to offer. 

The book has been designed as an illustrated “off the beaten path” guide that highlights, through photos and dialogue, more than 400 locations and events in the state, each personally visited by the author. Some are beautiful, some are quirky, some are odd, some are tasty, and some are downright historical and cool and need to be explored.

While exploring the destinations and landmarks within the book, the reader is encouraged to not only focus on the destinations, but to also savor and appreciate the journey – just as the author did. That’s how many of these hidden jewels of Maine were discovered. 

Readers don’t need to leave their cozy couch or their Adirondack chairs to enjoy the fun and colorful contents. This exhibition of original photography provides a diverse visual image of the state not often seen.

Maine Roadshow Cover

Dunton's Doghouse

This program was made possible by generous support from our friends at Dunton’s Doghouse.

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