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Author Talk with Alfred Kildow

August 23, 2024 | 1:30 pm 2:30 pm

Join us for an Author Talk with local Author Alfred Kildow where he’ll discuss his fourth novel, Chandelle.

About the Book

He rises from deep poverty as an orphan to become one of America’s top combat pilots, while hiding and suppressing a deep secret from his past.

She is wealthy, lives a life many can only dream of. She, too, harbors a secret.

They meet by chance in a small town in Japan where no one knows them. He is on a break from combat. She reveals her secret: an expensive divorce looms. He keeps his secret to himself.

Their fiery week-long romance ends with a promise to reunite five months later, at the end of his combat tour. The reunion takes place five years later, under challenging circumstances.

This is a story about a romance that endures despite strong obstacles, some self-imposed. Their lives thrive around the lovechild they create in that small town, a son who displays all of their strong traits, plus one that neither parent seems to possess.

This is also a story about war in the jet age, battles in the skies over Korea and Europe, battles that never seem to end. Adversaries that change regularly, war to war, with consequences.

Finally, it’s a story about redemption, how his deep secret, inadvertently revealed, brings him down. How a nation learns to forgive and honor a true hero.

Chandelle book cover
About Alfred Kildow

Alfred Kildow grew up orphaned and poor. On welfare. Lived in his old car, worked in a gas station, joined the Air Force during the Korean War. Became a jet fighter pilot, later a journalist and public relations specialist in the aerospace industry, notably with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. And he began writing fiction.

Polio pioneer Jonas Salk asked Kildow to join him as his assistant at the La Jolla, Calif., institute that bears his name. There he met Nobel Laureate David Baltimore, who asked Kildow to help him found the Whitehead Institute for Biological Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kildow’s wife, Dr. Judith Tegger Kildow, is a retired professor of ocean policy at MIT.

He served with Dr. Baltimore for a dozen years, at the Whitehead and also at The Rockefeller University when Baltimore became its president. In 1989 Kildow was recruited by the University of Southern California to lead several public relations efforts. He stayed for ten years.

Kildow is retired, living and continues writing in Maine, where his wife is active with several organizations. His 91st birthday took place on January 16, 2024.

Alfred Kildow photo
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