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Economic Development

Please note the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library is non-partisan.  A public library’s role in civic engagement is to facilitate access to information to the community.  In short, “The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate” ~ Thomas Jefferson. Consider the library a cornerstone.  If there are resources you would like to be reviewed for inclusion, please email them to

CLICK To Read 2018 Economic Development Master Plan

Edgecomb | Population: 1,144 | Edgecomb Comprehensive Plan

Boothbay | Population: 3,112 | Boothbay Comprehensive Plan | Boothbay Zoning Ordinances

Boothbay Harbor | Population: 1,976 | BBH Comprehensive Plan


(Population statistics source: 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates)

Last updated 2/13/18


Rural Economic Development Resources:

Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness: Economic Development in Rural Areas (Harvard Business School)

USDA Rural Economic Development Grants

BBH Zoning
The following documents can be found on the the Town of Boothbay Harbor website:

Zoning and Development Considerations in the Boothbay Harbor Maritime/Water Dependent District (Bob Faunce, Lincoln County Planner 12/19/2017)

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments

East Side Map

BBH Zoning Districts

Suggested Goals for East Side Development

Waterfront Development Information & Resources:


Guiding The Way To Waterfront Revitalization: Florida Department of Community Affairs [PDF]

Urban Land Institute: Ten Principles for Coastal Development [PDF]

National Working Waterfront Network

Maine Specific:

Maine’s Working Waterfront Tax Law

Island Institute – The Island Institute works to sustain Maine’s island and coastal communities, and exchanges ideas and experiences to further the sustainability of communities here and elsewhere.

Protecting Maine’s Working Waterfront (state program)