Sweet Divine Echoes

Sweet Divine Echoes
Pamela Mahraiah
Wells, Maine

Leaf leaves Sisters tumbling. Bike Downs Gears. Click click click. Son of Covid 19 When will your Easter break…and wait With head ache & wonder of times… Foot padding Jogger So proud of your Power. Let go. Hold on. Let go. Hold on. I jump. I turn. So now what? Forgiving myself First.
The circular journey Is in and out…..breath No better worse. It’s recognizing. What’s already inviting. What I am.

The outward boundedness of poets unbound. Depth unfathomable beyond diamond mines. Who dares dwell within the rich cave of unlimited poetic muse the cave artists knew. To dwell within the small confines of caves moist and dark. Sweep divine echoes of within and without time. No power limits each soul’s capacity. Wiki leaks truth unspouted.

The deep uncertain time of today hits our rock bottom. ‘Thump.’ It calls our shame and guilt and questions us on life’s courtroom. Forgiven though judged feels unforgiven by circumstances wrought of iron cold gloves. This Biological life unmasks leashes of doomsday inflictions soes I can’t count on your promises when my loved one lays dying. It’s just how my heart breaks and I can’t wait till I pass through death’s gate. I want him back today.

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