Summer Will

Sophia Scott
Boothbay, Maine

A blue and sea-foam green painted turnabout
jumps over the froth of Maine’s waves, cautiously avoiding
the jagged rocks that could stab the heart of its tiller.
Two racing hearts beat with anticipation,
and graphite clouds smear the sky above two girls who
sit among the boat’s bench.
The wind brushes their sun-flushed cheeks.
A fear of capsizing captivates the moment,
while a carefree seagull soars over head—
watching it all as if it were a movie,
then flies through time to the next one.

Wisps of coffee and cinnamon beach waves
blow wildly in the breeze,
as two girls paddle out to the cream
colored rock of Hendrick’s Head.
A child’s paradise awaits:
where children pencil dive into the ocean.
Soft green grass illuminates
a winding path that takes you
to a whole new world—
the other side of the rock.
Where the rough current beats to the rhythm of time,
and swims through crevices of smooth rocks below:
another creature’s home.
Now, the kayak drifts among the maze of
seaweed, while two sets of feet tramp
to the other side of the rock.
Where muted splashes of thunder are heard.
Will they jump?


Skinny legs tremble from the cold water
that breached their knees on the way here.
The two girls look to each other, sit on the top of the rock,
and admire Maine’s beautiful ocean together instead.

Bare feet slap against the pavement.
Images of a turquoise pool float through two
children’s heads, as the hot sun’s rays
glare down at their bare arms.
School is starting soon.
Where summer sun will turn into
ghostly white clouds that float through the sky,
and instead of warm breeze cool breaths
will be released into autumn air.
It’s time to remember what we had at a different time,
reminisce on the memories we have made,
and escape to moments of the future.
It’s time to let go—


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