Poetry is like a kangaroo,

It can go up or down; you can like the poem, or not like the poem.

Poetry is like a highway.

You can take the bait of the exits, or dismiss the signs, and keep going straight.

Poetry is like a shapeshifter.

Poetry can take all different forms. It can transform into a limerick, a haiku, or an ode!

Poetry is like music,

It can come in an “album” of poems, or just one poem, like a hit song.

Poetry is like finding the perfect word,

You need the perfect word to describe something, like a poem, you need to search.

Poetry is like a Polaroid picture,

It can come out the way you want it, or totally different!

Most of all, poetry is like magic,

You wave a magic wand, aka your pencil, and you create something breathtaking.
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