From Daylight Time to Standard Time

From Daylight Time to Standard Time
Written October 2000 by Bee King

It’s springtime when all is awakening
We’re changing night timing to day timing.
Life’s speeding up for the seasons ahead
The gardens and creatures all must be fed

Energy is everywhere at its peek
Parties and picnics are planned as we speak.
Matters not: You’re “from here” or “From away”
Come join us either to dance or to pray.

Busy schedules turn to weekend conflicts
So much going on, it is hard to pick:
Camping boating, hiking and reunions
how sweet it is in spite of confusion.

Suddenly vacations are spent and gone
Company goes home and we are alone
Left with the memories of all we have done:
Fun games and everything under the sun.

It is fall time when all is thinking sleep.
From fast-forward speed, time turns to creep.
Springtime activities come to a stop
Eventually we turn back the clock.

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