Library of Things

Welcome to the Library of Things!

In addition to books, DVDs and audiobooks, BHML now offers a cornucopia of Things for you to borrow–from laptops to Kindles to telescopes and games. You can check out any Thing the same way you check out a book.

Need a VHS player to watch an old tape? Want to borrow a Kindle for your trip instead of lugging 10 books? Have company coming and want a game on hand?  Grandkids need some entertainment?  BHML has got you covered!

Below is the beginning of BHML’s Library of Things. You will need your library card to request and pick up these Things and a few Things require you to sign a borrowing agreement. If you have a suggestions for some “Thing” you’d rather borrow than buy, let us know!


Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire 7
VHS/DVD Player (call for availability)





GoPro Selfie Mount
GoPro Selfie Mount
GoPro Head Mount
GoPro Head Mount
GoPro Chest Mount
GoPro Chest Mount
GoPro Dog Mount
GoPro Dog Mount
Zoom Audio Recorder
Zoom Audio Recorder
Travel Scope
Travel Scope









Learn & Play

Chess Set
Chess Sets
Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples







Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Yellow
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Yellow — ABCs
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Red
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Red — 123s
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Purple
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Purple — Colors
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Blue
Early Childhood Literacy Backpack Blue — Shapes










Items from the Library of Things have varying check-out periods, so make sure to keep track of your item’s due date! And remember, all “Things” must be returned in person to BHML staff member–NO using the bookdrop!

Want to see more in our Library of Things? Email us with your suggestions:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet for the Boothbay Region

For the latest information on coronavirus in Maine, visit the Maine CDC website.

If you think you might have coronavirus, both Lincoln Health and the Boothbay Region Health Center ask that you call first before coming in.

From the Maine CDC:

“”The risk to the public remains low, but we must prepare for the potential spread of coronavirus,” said Nirav D. Shah, Director of the Maine CDC. “As we focus on the health of the public, we urge Maine people to take care of their personal health. Eat well, get plenty of sleep, and practice good hygiene. Healthy habits save lives.”

The best thing that Maine people can do to protect their health is to take the same preventive measures that help to avoid catching a cold: Wash your hands often. Cover coughs and sneezes. Stay home if you are sick.”

For more information, check out the Johns Hopkins website, or the WHO’s Coronavirus Mythbuster site.

Your Library Card Just Got Better

Visit BHML to get your new 14-digital library card to become eligible to participate in the Maine Reciprocal Borrowing Program.

The Maine Reciprocal Borrowing Program allows anyone with a valid library card from one of 68 participating libraries to visit any of the other participating libraries and check out materials in person. It’s referred to as “walk-in” borrowing because it essentially turns your local library card into a “statewide” library card!

The program launched in September 2019 as a one year pilot test. Following review of the pilot in August 2020 and incorporating any needed changes, the Maine State Library hopes the program will be formalized and grow over time.

Stop by the library to pick up your new card, and then map out a Reciprocal Borrowing road trip!  Some libraries where your new library card will work are: Skidompha Public Library (Damariscotta), Rockland Public Library, Camden Public Library, and Witherle Memorial Library (Castine).

New BHML library cards feature art by three local artists. It’s a miniature piece of fine art that unlocks the world of culture and literature throughout the state of Maine. Pretty awesome!

BHML Awarded Tax Check Off Grant

Have you ever heard of Maine Public Library Fund State Income Tax Check-off program?  It allows you to easily support Maine Libraries when you file your state taxes.

Why would you do this?  Where do the funds go?  They go all over the state, and this year, they came to us! On November 19 the Maine State Library announced this year’s recipients:

Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library was awarded $2,500 to support our senior book group Books & Bites!

This grant award was made possible by every Mainer who ticked the box to support Maine Libraries.  Thank you to everyone who supported the Maine Public Library Fund Last year! Let’s pay it forward, and tick the box this tax season to keep valuable programs funded for communities around the state.

More about Books & Bites:

Books and Bites is a large print book group run by our Circulation Coordinator, Meg Donaldson.  She travels to St. Andrew’s Village once a month to facilitate a book discussion of the selected large print title.  Now, through the support from the Maine Public Library Fund, BHML will be able to build more large print book group kits, and add new locations for more book groups!  Stay tuned for where Books & Bites might pop up next; for information on the current group at St. Andrew’s Village, contact Meg at 207-633-3112 or email her at

Consumer Reports – How to Access

Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library members have FREE online access to Consumer Reports.  BHML also carries the magazine, if you’d rather drop by and flip through the pages.

Below are the steps to access Consumer Reports online.  It’s fully searchable, so you don’t need to know what issue you are looking for.

Start at MARVEL! Maine’s Online Virtual Library.

There’s a link to MARVEL! on the Library’s homepage, for future access.


Switch the search bar to “Journal Finder” and >TYPE “Consumer Reports” >Click SEARCH!


This page gives you a little more information about Consumer Reports, and what databases host it. >CLICK Masterfile!


Here’s where you prove you’re a library member! >LOGIN! Don’t forget to include “BBH” in your library “barcode” 🙂


Choose the Consumer Reports publication you’d like to search >CLICK one!


Some more options for searching, or just >CLICK 1991 – Present!


>TYPE what you’re looking for! >CLICK Search!  >CLICK your article!