Gift Policy

Gift Policy 

BHML graciously considers all donations, gifts, and bequests. Please note that, due to space constraints and limited processing resources, the Library is unable to accept all materials offered to us and adheres to the acceptance parameters detailed below. 

  • Individuals who wish to donate items to the library must have free, clear title or the legal authority to convey the same. 
  • The materials offered must be appropriate for library use and consistent with current acquisitions policy, and are subject to the same criteria as library decisions to acquire materials by purchase.
  • Gifts of materials that are accepted by the Library become the absolute and unconditional property of the Library and cannot be returned to the donor for any reason.

Books and Library Materials:

All books, equipment, and/or audio-visual materials will be evaluated by the Library Director or the Children’s Librarian to determine if the Library will: 

  • add items to the collection;
  • transfer items to the Friends of the Library Used Bookstore for sale to benefit the library; 
  • offer to other libraries; or 
  • dispose of the items if they are in a condition unsuitable for any of the above purposes. 

If accepted, the items may be displayed, stored, sold, or used in whatever matter deemed most beneficial to advance BHML’s library service to the community.

  • Special housing or shelving cannot be promised, nor can the library agree to keep intact a group of donated items. 
  • The library reserves the right to decide on the condition of display, housing, access, and retention of materials. 

Other Gifts:

All other gifts and donations (e.g., personal property, real property, art, restricted donations, etc. are subject to review by the Board of Trustees with the final decisions residing with them. 

  • Items offered cannot be encumbered by any conditions. A gift once accepted becomes the property of the library. Acceptance of any item does not prohibit the library from future removal of that item from its inventory. 
  • The library does not appraise gifts. If the donor needs an appraisal for income tax purposes, it is the donor’s responsibly to have the appraisal made. 
  • The library will provide donors of property valued at $250 or more with a written acknowledgment of the receipt of such property. 

Adopted 2/2008

Amended 4/2020